Transport Amusement Parks

Our solution for easy access to amusement parks in Ile de France

Luxurycab serves all amusement parks including Disneyland Paris Parc Astérix and other parks on request, from your hotel where upon your arrival we take care of your luggage and your transfer. Packages are available from €85 in GREEN for a transfer from Paris to your favorite theme park (Disney) and €95 in GREEN for a transfer from Paris to Parc Asterix.

We have set up these packages in order to best meet expectations and above all to avoid a price without additional cost (rush hour, UBER KAPTEN FREENOW BOLT surcharge, etc.) where the price can be *3 and a simple transfer to your park of attraction turns into a nightmare.

We also serve all the castles of the Ile de France of Versailles, Nandy, Chantilly… Our drivers will welcome you with class and elegance in order to make your transfer an extension of your trip.

Transfer Parc Asterix

No need for a magic potion to access Parc Astérix, our drivers are like our famous Asterix and Obélix, the irreducible Gauls who resist the Roman oppressor 

and yes our drivers fight against uberization by standing out and offering you flat rates to access your favorite amusement park live the experience of being transported by the excellence of transport regardless of the range in groups, with family alone or in pairs.

Our drivers accompany you


Thoiry Zoo

From the urban safari, from the jungle of Paris traffic jams to the Thoiry zoo safari

Let yourself be transported not on safari to Dakar but a few km from Paris to Thoiry for an extraordinary safari
Go and meet the animals of the Thoiry zoo, for a few hours transform yourself into Elisa of the jungle or live a real Jumanji