Because at Luxurycab we know how important it is for you to optimize your time and your travels for you, your employees and your customers.
We are also developing a B2B solution
with our partner Logipax.
Which will be added to our reservation system.

Logipax is a powerful B2B solution that has proven itself and is establishing itself as a leader in the market in the management solution for large reservation accounts.
A space dedicated to your company which allows you to book and follow in real time the progress of our drivers and our transfers.

At luxurycab we make every effort to offer you a complete solution that meets all your requirements, time savings, reliability, discretion

With luxurycab and our partner logipax
no more accounting worries
no more cancellation stress
a simple and efficient booking service
professional drivers at your disposal
fixed prices
you have the choice between payment upon reservation or payment each month with a single invoice and a summary of all your transfers