Our engagements

Our engagements


Permanent attention to detail

THE best drivers on the market

Customer Service Available

A 100% company made in France

Sustainable development

Eco-driving awareness

range of “Ecological” vehicles

A 0 paper, 100% digital policy

Carbon footprint at 110g of CO2/km


High-performance technology

Successful features

The constant search for evolution

OUR Objective : Building the transport of tomorrow


Keep calm !

At LuxuryCab, we pay particular attention to the security so much road that sanitary.

All our drivers are selected and trained by us to ensure the best service to our customers.


Keep calm, the price is fixed!

As soon as you book, you know how much you will pay for the race

LuxuryCab is committed So fixed and fixed price

B2B expertise

French know-how

A French solution

A dynamic team


Because the future is taking shape now, Luxury cab is committed to the environment.

Together, let's minimize greenhouse gas emissions, which are a priority for us.

The Green range guarantees the user a low carbon journey.

At the same time, we are developing a “Pilot 100% electric” range in the coming months. Stay Connected we are charging

The reservation is made directly on our website and will not take you more than a minute. As soon as your reservation is made, our teams will make every effort to send you a driver as soon as possible. Whether you need a ride to the train station, someone to pick you up from the airport, or take you on a city tour with a driver who will be by your side for several hours, know that we are here.